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Frequently Asked Questions

What color(s) will your stallion throw?

Our Stallion Colors With A Streak Is HOMOZYGOUS for the TOBIANO gene, that means he will always throw a painted foal, regardless of what colour the mare is, he will throw a TOBIANO foal. Additionally, Colors With A Streak is BLACK BASE, he will only throw black base foals, GRULLO, BUCKSKIN, BAY, DUN & BLACK foals

Do you offer shipping or delivery?

We offer delivery on occasion throughout BC and AB, please email us for a quote.

Do you offer shipped semen or AI?

Currently we do not offer AI or shipped semen, or breeding to outside mares.

Do you offer training or boarding services?

No, we do not offer training or boarding services.

Aside from foals, do you offer other animals for sale?

Yes, we occasionally offer mares and bred mares for sale, as well as mini donkeys, mini cows or calves.

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