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CQ Poco Cherokee

Cherokee Clout (Cherokee Levan) X Kings Poco Babe (Sunset Limber King)

1998 Sorrel Overo APHA Mare

“Cherokee” is my main riding mare, there’s not enough room to write about what this mare has done, or can do! She’s a been there, done that mare! Raised on the farm, out of Kings Poco Babe mentioned in the About Page on how we got started, you don’t find minds/souls like this very often, yet I’ve been blessed with several horses with minds & souls like Babe & Cherokee, and who you don’t see on this website – Cherokee’s sire Cherokee Clout. There’s nothing these horses can’t or should I say won’t do, they have SO much try & will, there’s no quit, they are TRUE partners, it nearly brings me to tears writing about this mare, and her predecessors! I had to retire Cherokee this year, because of arthritis in her knee, and it breaks my heart, I’d love to use her to pony my young horses, as there’s just so much she can teach the youngsters! However, she can continue to teach them in the herd. All our horses are taught to come to our whistle, and this is something that our lead mare “Babe” taught the herd, which is now what her daughters now have the role to do. They now teach the newcomers to come to our whistle, but also, they teach them the “calmness” in the herd. I could go on and on about what this mare brings to our farm, the herd, my life, I am BLESSED, this mare is a true blessing, and I thank her every chance I get, if there’s anything I can pass on to others, is to please remember to thank your horses for what they give you, as I try to remember to do the same & this mare is a true reminder of how thankful I am of how blessed I am to have such amazing horses in my life such as her, her dam, her sire, and her offspring! 

CQ Cherokee So Quili

Cherokee Clout (Cherokee Levan) X Kings Poco Babe (Sunset Limber King)

2000 Bay Overo APHA Mare

“Quili” is my “second” main riding mare, she’s also out of Kings Poco Babe, and by my deceased stallion Cherokee Clout who I’ve mentioned before. You really can’t get horses better than these! I literally pulled this mare out of the pasture, after not having ridden her for over 5 years, threw the saddle on her & away we went, like it was yesterday we went for a ride! There’s no resistance in these horses, they’re fully of try, they want to please, they’re true partners. She’s also a been there, done that kind of a mare! Quili is a big girl too, she’s just shy of 16hh & throws size on her foals as well. This mare covers ground when she’s in stride, and is smooth as smooth can be – but covers ground like no other, so if you’re in a small arena, she’ll be at the corner in only a couple of strides! Quili had her first Colors With A Streak filly in 2019, and what an amazing cross! Quili and Streaker have proven to make an exceptional cross with their amazing gentle personalities, and that great mix of working cow horse & running pedigree; we will continue to breed these two, so keep an eye on our website for updates.

CQ Sacred Cherokee

Cherokee Clout (Cherokee Levan) X Kings Poco Babe (Sunset Limber King)

2004 Red Roan Overo APHA Mare

“Sacred” is one of three of my main mares that I kept from my AQHA mare Kings Poco Babe whom I raised from a weanling until we buried her on the farm at 32 years of age, and she’s by my senior stallion Cherokee Clout who I had for 14 years before he passed away at the age of 29 years of age. Both incredible horses, of whom I will always feel both honored and blessed to have had in my life, what they taught me, and shared with me throughout their years was priceless & the gifts of their offspring, even more so. Sacred is also the dam on our up coming stallion Frenchmans Paint, she throws incredible conformation, and that amazing temperament/mind we love so much at Nilson Farms! I could write an entire book on what I love so much about everything this mare has to offer, and I look forward to raising more foals off her, we didn’t get a chance to breed her to Streaker this spring, but she will be one of the first mares we introduce him to in 2020, as I don’t want to miss out on another year; I think the cross between Sacred and Streaker will be phenomenal!


Hot Country Legend (Ima Gunsmokin Legend) X Midsummersnightdream (Hawkeyes Apache Reed)

2016 Grullo AQHA Mare

“Charm” is a stunning grullo filly homozygous for the dun and black base genes, and she outdid herself with her first born, a stunning minimal white grullo tobiano filly.  We are SUPER excited to continue crossing these two for years to come, as they prove to make an exceptional cross, we’re guaranteed to get either a grullo or dun tobiano foal out of this cross, not to mention, gorgeous! Can you say WOWZA?!?  Stay tuned for updates on this breeding, you may want to put your deposit down on this baby before it hits the ground.  Charm was started under saddle before she went into the broodmare pen, and she was one of the easiest youngsters I’ve started, so I’m certain her babies will be the same; especially since they have that mind on both sides!

RPDP Classy Lou

Alamitos Shinin Spots (Dancin Canoe) X Sheza Cocoa Girl (Blondies Striker)

2016 Black Tobiano APHA Mare

“Lou”, as we call her, is an up and coming mare, that is going nicely under saddle & won’t be adding to the broodmare band for a few years yet!  We’re going to ride Lou for a few years & prove her under saddle before she raises foals for us!  She has an amazingly quiet mind, and we are certain she’s going to make an outstanding saddle horse for us; we have high hopes for Lou in the coming years.

Peponitas Golden Fox

Rovams Golden Tiger (Fords Yellow Rookie) X Peponitas Star Sis (WFR Ko Ko Bar)

2010 Palomino AQHA Mare

“Peponita” is a beautiful palomino mare who’s been with us for a few years now, and raised her first couple of Colors With A Streak foals now, the first one in 2019! This stunning mare raises exceptional foals, her first buckskin tobiano filly was meant to be a keeper for us, but we got talked into letting her go to a really good home; and her 2020 colt, WOWZA!  She put a stunning smoky black stud colt on the ground, that we will keep as a replacement stud prospect, if someone doesn’t scoop him up as well!.  The foals that this mare produces are absolutely exceptional, absolutely stunningly gorgeous, beautiful heads, perfect conformation, sweetheart personalities, and a pedigree to brag about!  Did I mention all the colour to get you noticed as well? She produces the full package!  Peponita is a well bred mare, with an excellent mind on her, so we look forward to raising many foals off of her, as she has already proven to us, that she crosses very well with Streaker – so stay tuned…

Cooss Painted Cookie

Painted Coos (Coosunga) x Cookie Lea TB (Oka Revolt)

2007 Bay Tobiano APHA Mare

“Tessa” is a beautiful half thoroughbred mare who stands just over 16hh, and has loads of training under her cinch! We are so thankful to have her at our farm!  She came to us from Maple Ridge where she was born & raised, with years of training, she excelled as a dressage horse, as well as, did very well with obstacle work, and a variety of other disciplines as well!  Unfortunately, she injured her foot, and isn’t perfectly sound for steady riding, so she’s come to our ranch to raise champion foals!  This stunning mare has such a sweetheart personality, combined with a beautiful body/conformation that will cross so well with our amazing Streaker & we are so excited to see how well this combination of bloodlines works together in our breeding program; as we strive for exceptional temperament/trainability as our number one focus, and then put all these wonderful bloodlines/pedigrees, with the flashy colour & good looks (of course)!  And we don’t breed anything that doesn’t have exceptional conformation.  Tessa’s foals will be extremely versatile, tall babies who will have speed & flowing movement that should excel in both western and english disciplines.

JW Serena Black

The Huskers Tux (Roan Bar 7) x Felicia Betazack (Zack Betatrace)

2008 Black AQHA Mare

“Six” is an absolutely stunning, jet black mare with 3 white socks & a blaze. She’s a tall mare, with a nice build, and beautiful, flowing movement!  What a gorgeous cross she’ll make with our amazing Streaker!  I LOVE this mare, she’s a sweetheart to handle, very friendly, loving, and easy to be around, and fits in the herd like she’s been here her entire life.  This mare has The Corn Husker on her papers, so we’re happy to have that bloodline back in our broodmare band, after losing our senior mare with his bloodlines in the fall of 2020!  And on her dams side, she’s all about the running lines, so these babies will be athletic with speed, endurance, and/or beautiful movement to take you in all directions if you’re looking for a horse with lots of size & versatility in the barrel ring, or for jumping/dressage.  The sky will be the limit with this gorgeous mares foals; either way, with her lovely temperament, and excellent conformation, her babies are going to sell fast!

BSF Quick Lil Zoe

Peptos Quick Pick (Peptoboonsmal) x BSF Short Of Ginger (Cheyenne Shorty)

2010 Bay AQHA Mare

“Zoe” is another gorgeous mare that we’ve had the pleasure to add to our impeccable broodmare band! This lovely, kind, gentle granddaughter of Peptoboonsmal has flawless conformation, is broke to ride, and is an absolute pleasure to be around & have in our herd! She is going to cross amazingly well with our boy Streaker, and she will be with us for years to come! We are SO excited for the mares gracing our pasture these days, we truly are blessed by the beauty, brains, and blood lines that we’ve been fortunate enough to collect over these past years. Stay tuned each year, as our foal crop is amazing, every year Colors With A Streak shows off with the stunning foals he graces us, when crossing with these gorgeous babes we’ve chosen for him. 

SR Midnitepremenition

Premonitions Tramp (Mr Tramp) x A Midnight Affair (Kootenai Wildfire) 

2013 Black Tobiano APHA Mare

“Ty” is a stunning black Tobiano mare brought up from Washington, after she won her championship halter as a weanling! This mare is put together NICE! We are super excited to have added her to our broodmare band, she’s got conformation like you wouldn’t believe, she’s bred to the nines, and she’s starting to build her confidence & really getting a personality! We’re looking forward to see how she crosses with our reining, working cow horse lines; as that fancy/pretty halter & performance lineage has crossed well before; so we’re excited to do it again with this gorgeous mare!

SLR Poco Smoken Dun

Helios Doc Charge (Docs Doublesan) X Poco Blarney (Twisters Blarney)

2013 Grullo Tobiano APHA Mare

“Grace” is our tallest, biggest mare on the farm! And she throws her size onto her foals.  Grace is just over 16hh and she’d make an excellent English/Western prospect as she could carry both saddles with “grace” and certainly she would make an ideal jumper, or dressage prospect as well; obviously that’s not my discipline, but this gal would excel in that direction & likely her foals would too. With that said, she’s got great bone, feet, and a hip that would also make her a great western horse as well – so for anyone who’s got extra height that can’t ride these smaller reining prospects, Grace’s foals might be exactly what you’re looking for. She’s a big girl, but she has a kind, soft eye & she passes that gentle, kindness onto her foals, I really love this mare & the qualities she’s passing onto her foals!

EB Sparking Moon

Sparking Investment (Shining Spark) X Benitos Golden Girl (Benito Bar Jack)

2004 Palomino AQHA Mare

“Moon” is a really pretty mare with a baby doll head, a super sweet personality & a really nice pedigree that perfectly compliments Colors With A Streak! She’s built like a reining/working cow horse too, so this cross should put some really nice reining/working cow horse prospects on the ground for us, as they’re both bred to the nines as far as reining & working cow horses are concerned!  Moon is a granddaughter of the famous Shining Spark, combined with our son of Color Me Smart – WOWZA!!!  Beauty, Brains, Conformation, and loads of Colour too…  You’ll want to put your name on this mares foal!

Zan Parr Money Chip

Top Deck Major (Go Deck Seven) X DC Wakita (Sugar Dees Salt)

2005 Black Tobiano APHA Mare

“Breeze” is a super nice, quiet & easy going mare that was once used as a driving horse! This pretty girl is proven to throw nice babies, as she came with her grown daughter Pocos Jetsmooth Sugar, a stunning blue roan mare who we put training on & sold her to a very good & loving home to finish her career. She also had a gorgeous filly in 2019, proving to put well conformed, nice minded foals on the ground for us! We’re looking forward to seeing how well this lovely mare crosses with Streaker, as we’re pretty confident they’ll make a lovely foals for us.  This mare has a super sweet temperament, and her foals are exactly the same way, so we look forward to raising many foals off her.

Countdown To Paradise

SR Dashin Paradise (Docs Paradise) X Digga Gold Nugget (Jetsettin Golddigger)

2013 Dun AQHA Mare

“Paris” is a very pretty red dun mare with a baby doll head, superb conformation & a combination of working cow horse & running lines.  This mares beauty and bloodlines are an exciting mix to add to our herd & will be a great cross with Streaker.  I’m SO excited for our broodmare lineup, we have such an exceptional group of mares to cross with our amazing stallion; it’s going to be hard for you to pick which foal you want year after year!  You truly can’t go wrong here, beauty, brains, trainability, conformation, pedigree, we have it all at Nilson Farms.

Bazaar Design

Hi Tech Design (Design By Money) X Smokey Neon Rose (Rodeo City Clue)

2004 Black AQHA Mare

“Paris02” is a gorgeous midnight black, 15.3hh well bred mare, who’s broke to ride & a Western Pleasure Supreme mare!  This mare is one nice mare under saddle, so it was a tough decision to get her bred this year, as she’s SOOO nice to ride!  However, she’s getting older & she’s never had a foal, so we wanted to get her bred before she’s “too old” and we are really excited to see her foals, as this mare is all sorts of pretty too (we seem to have that common theme).  We have so many nice mares, with such a variety of bloodlines to cross with our amazing stallion. We are super stoked to be offering a real variation of fantastic babies year after year, with our main focus being great all around horses, with great minds & conformation, that have a pedigree to back them up & of course they’re all sorts of pretty too!!!

TM Peps Zan Sierra

Peps Connection (Peps Mr Doc) X Skip Zan Sierra (Skip Zan Parr)

2001 Sorrel AQHA Mare

“Sierra” is a really nice, very well bred & pretty mare, who is supposed to be well broke, but due to founder, is in our brood mare band now! This mare is SO nice, and her foals are proving exceptional as well, I’m hoping she’s around for many years to raise us a foal every year!  Her foals are conformation perfection, with beautiful heads, sweetheart personalities, and can you say stunning?  Her 2020 foal looks like he should be the APHA poster child!  He was also the first foal to sell in 2020, if that says anything at all about what this mare can throw?  I know my posts sound the same, as they’re all such great mares, but they truly are & if you have a chance to visit our farm; please come out and take a look at our horses!  We have such a great group of horses & I’m so proud of the babies we’re raising, we’ve put many years, and a lot of experience behind our breeding program, and I really think it shows.


SVR Royal Checkmate X Two Chance Zip (Zippos Doug Two)

2008 Grullo AQHA Mare

“Sugar” is a really nice grullo mare that we’re super excited to add to the farm, she’s very well broke & super kind. She’s at the lower end of the dominance in the herd, and hasn’t ever had a foal yet; so we’re excited to see how she crosses with Streaker. She’s another big/tall mare, so we’re excited to add another sizable gal to our broodmare band, as we always seem to have lots of people looking for babies from big mares! This lovely mare has a sweet pedigree as well, I’ll have to get some more photos of her as well, as her pictures don’t do her justice, she’s a very pretty mare, with a nice head & superb conformation. Keep your eyes on this gorgeous mare, as I’m sure her foals will be sold as soon as they hit the ground, she’s homozygous black, she’s got the dun, and a cream gene; so it’ll be super exciting to see what colour she throws as well. 

Absolute Graffiti

Absolute Playboy (Absolute Investment) x Skip To My Invester (Evergreens Reran)

2018 Sorrel Overo APHA Mare

“Sadie” is an outstanding addition to our farm, she won’t be joining our broodmare band for a few years yet, because I’m going to ride her for a few years first! This lovely filly is a true gem, she has a sweetheart temperament/personality & has been a breeze with her training so far. I’m looking forward to continue her training, and see where we go with her discipline. She’s absolutely stunning, and her conformation is impeccable, with her mind & wiliness so far, the sky is the limit with this stunning mare! Stay tuned for updates.  

TR Drifters Dandywood

TR King Yogi Chex (Julie Jo) x Drifters Bird Wood (Jacks Double Drifter)

2016 Palomino Tobiano APHA Mare

“Dandy” is a really pretty mare, with superb conformation & she clearly passes these traits onto her foals! We’ve decided to keep her 2021 filly, and therefore we’re offering this gorgeous gal for sale, she’s bred to Colors With A Streak for a 2022 foal & we expect this cross will be exceptional! If she sells, she sells, if not, we won’t be upset LOL This mare foals easily, without any issues, and she’s a fantastic mother. Dandy is 6 Panel N/N and her filly can be weaned anytime, we can also offer delivery almost anywhere within AB or BC included in her pricing of only $3,500 plus GST for a 2 in 1 package deal.

Colord Delta Smart

Color Me Smart (Smart Little Lena) x Royal Delta Del (Delta Royal)

2008 Bay Tobiano APHA Mare

“Delta” is a half sister to our stud, she’s bred to the nines, just like our boy Streaker, so we just had to have her, when we saw she was available! We believe SO strongly in these Color Me Smart horses, they are so amazing to work with! They truly are everything in one package; unbelievable temperament/personality, exceptional conformation, smart/willing minds, stunning beauty, and pedigree galore!!! Delta was in foal when we brought her to our farm, and she delivered! We have an exceptional colt on the ground, who are great friends at Desert Acres in Charlie Lake, BC have purchased & will do amazing things with. Stay tuned for updates, these horses are amazing, and are certain to do amazing things. .  

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